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GIZZU 2 x USB 3-Prong Wall Charger White


Charge your devices simultaneously with the?Gizzu Double USB 3-Prong Wall Charger. This charger plugs directly into your type-M 3-prong wall plug and charges your devices at a rate of 2.1A. Widely compatible and great for keeping your devices charged whilst travelling in South Africa.

Gizzu Quad-USB Type-C 5.6A Universal Travel Adapter – Black


Charge devices anywhere with the Gizzu Universal Travel Adapter. It features Type-C and USB ports, Universal compatibility, Smart IC Technology and Overcurrent Protection.

GIZZU Universal Travel Adapter

  • Three pin round plug Adapter
  • The Adapter is a simple and compact
  • Coverts any international plug in to a South African round plug

GIZZU Voltage Protector 16A

The Gizzu Universal Voltage Protector Plug will keep your appliances protected against damage caused by high voltage, low voltage, voltage

GIZZU Wall Charger Dual USB Port 3.4A – White


The Gizzu Dual USB 3.4A Wall Charger allows you to safely and conveniently charge two devices at the same time. It is lightweight, portable and features an advanced safety system.

GIZZU Wall Charger Type C 20W|USB SA 3 Prong – White


Now you can keep your USB as well as your more modern Type-C devices fully charged thanks to the Gizzu USB and Type-C 3-Prong Wall Charger. It features USB-A and Type-C output ports, up to 3000mA/5V output power, is widely compatible with many USB powered devices and connects easily to any South African 3 prong plug.

GIZZU Wall Charger Type C 36W PD QC3.0 18W – White


The Gizzu 36W PD Type-C & USB QC 3.0 Wall Charger allows you to connect and charge multiple devices via USB and Type-C. It supports many of the latest Type-C compatible devices and offers PD Charging Technology as well as USB Quick Charge 3.0.

ORICO 5 Port 40W Charge Desktop Charger – Black


Keep your devices fully charged with the Orico 5 Port 40w Desktop Charger. It can charge up to 5 devices simultaneously, has synchronous rectification technology, a compact design, and a detachable power cable.

ORICO 5 Port Tablet/Smartphone USB Charging Station – White


The Orico 40W 5 Port USB Smart Desktop Charging Station is the perfect device to keep all your mobile devices safely charged in the household. It also features USB port intelligent identification as well as a two-stage intelligent temperature control system.

Port Connect Dual USB Port Universal Travel Adapter


Business trip? Overseas holiday? Be sure not to leave without the Port Connect Dual USB Port Universal Travel Adapter in your luggage. It's fittings work in over 150 countries, ensuring that your devices will be charged wherever you go.

WINX POWER Easy 130W Wall Charger

With the WINX POWER Ultra 130W Desktop Charger, you can charge up to 4 devices simultaneously, including mobile phones, notebooks,

WINX POWER Easy 33W Wall Charger

The WINX POWER Fast 33W Wall Charger is designed to take up as little space as possible whilst ensuring that