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GIZZU 12V Male to Female Extender 2.5mm Power Cable for GUP45W and GUP36W

The Gizzu 12V Male to Female DC 2.5mm Power Extender Cable is a great way to provide power to a

GIZZU 12V Male to Male Extender 2.5mm Power Cable for GUP45W and GUP36W


Transfer 12V of power with the Gizzu 12V Male to Male DC 2.5mm Power Extender Cable. It is a male to male extender cable with two 2.5mm DC connectors on either side and is 1.2 meters in length.

OEM Pigtail Male Plug With Block 30cm 10 Pack

  • DC Male Pigtail
  • External diameter of the plug: 5.5mm
  • Internal diameter of the plug: 2.1mm
  • Block: 30cm

PWR Dedicated to 3 Headed Cable 3.8m

Tri Head Power Cable 3.8m-Standard computer power cable with 3-prong dedicated plug on one end and 3 x kettle plug

PWR Dedicated to Clover and Kettle Cable 2.8m


Power your desktop and notebook at the same time with the OEM Power to Clover/Kettle Plug Cable. It features a power cable that splits into a kettle and clover plug and is great for saving space with multiple devices that need power.